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When you’re not in your office building working 9 to 5, where are you most likely to be. Your home office? We begrudgingly thought so. When decorating your Chicago home office and choosing the right furniture from our Lakeview furniture store, it’s important to keep both function and style at the top of your mind. While you want your home office collection to be just as stylish as the rest of your Chicago home, nothing is worse than being uncomfortably hunched over your computer for hours. Caution against making your home office too comfortable, though, as you’ll still need to get some work done (and not just lie down for a nap).

Our Chicago furniture store stocks a wide variety of contemporary home office furniture that can be used to create a comfortable, productive home office anywhere in your home — whether it’s a basement home office, home office in a spare bedroom or home work area in the kitchen or family room.

Of course, you’ll need a home office desk. Whether you prefer your run-of-the-mill desk with four legs and a flat surface for your computer and a place to set your mug, or you prefer an angled desk—perfect for drawing or working on a tablet—Wrightwood has just the desk for your contemporary home office collection. To add a bit of personality and interest to the desk, choose a few desk accessories and organizational bits to amp up the color and style… and to keep your interest. 

For the things that don’t quite fit on your desk—what with all of the pens, notepads, and empty coffee cups, add bookcases and bookshelves to the space. They’ll be perfect for holding all of your files, books, and extra notepads, but the bookcases will also give you extra space to add some of your own personality to the space with photos and knickknacks that will remind you that while this may be your office space, it’s also your home. And don’t forget it.

Bookcases for home office storage should be strong and sturdy enough to hold up to all those heavy books, files and other items. When selecting a bookshelf for your home workspace, carefully consider both the size and height of each shelf and what types of items you’ll store there. Heavier items should be near the bottom, while lighter items can find their way to the higher shelves. You can also add bins, baskets and other containers for the ultimate home office storage and organization system. We're here to help you beautifully design your Chicago home office collection. You can count on us!

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