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Your living room is probably the most multifunctional room in your Chicago home, whether used for family time, entertainment or relaxation. Plus, no matter how much you may despise it, a television is a necessity (even though it completely messes with your interior design aesthetic). Family movie night, having friends over to watch the Bears or Hawks game, and relaxing binge-watching sessions all require a TV and TV stand. So take advantage of the opportunity to buy new TV furniture, entertainment center or media center from Wrightwood in Lakeview, and choose a TV cabinet or entertainment center that both fits with your stylish decor and has the extra storage space you’ve been needing for all of those remotes and cords.

Whether you’re a big movie collector, a gamer at heart, or you just seem to have more remotes than anyone would ever need for no reason, every living room could use a little bit of extra storage room for necessary gadgets. If you’re the one with a vast DVD or video game collection, go for a media stand. They have a ton of hidden storage space for under the television, so you can store away all of your entertainment when it comes time to tidy up the living room. And if you prefer to just turn on the television to catch up on the news or to indulge in some guilty-pleasure reality TV, opt for a simply sleek sideboard. While it may not have the hidden storage space, it will certainly house your TV in style and not detract from the rest of your family room decor.

It’s also worth “thinking outside the box” and exploring some of the other great pieces that our Chicago furniture store carries that can be adapted to serve as a TV or media stand. We have countless media stand ideas that you can put to use! Buffets and sideboards are very similar to television stands and often deliver a unique mix of style and functionality. The Wrightwood staff can also expand your custom TV stand’s functionality by drilling holes for wires and cable management at no extra cost.

We've also got three unique ideas for your next TV stand (plus a bonus tip on how to be even more creative with your telly).

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