A Guide to Choosing Your Coffee Table

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A coffee table isn’t just a dull piece of furniture. In fact, it can become a treasure trove of fond memories in the living room — lazy Sunday mornings with your favorite book, family movie nights with pizza, and of course, your morning routine with a bagel and a steaming cup of coffee.

And just like your hot cup of morning Joe, coffee tables come in different shapes and sizes that fit different tastes. Just take a look at our collection of coffee tables — from rustic wooden coffee tables to patterned ottoman coffee tables, it can be overwhelming to decide which set best complements your home furniture.

The bottom line is that we want to help you find a one-of-a-kind coffee table that truly speaks to who you are as a furniture owner. Forget those expensive, mass-produced coffee tables. Our unique approach to Chicago furniture shopping ensures that the coffee tables we sell are high-quality, unique and even environmentally friendly.

Not every piece of furniture is your cup of tea (or coffee). Follow our guide below to find the perfect coffee table for you today.

Coffee Table Size Guide

Short, tall, grande or venti? We’re just kidding, that’s not how you actually measure coffee table sizes. But it’s super important to figure out how big (or small) your coffee table should be. Read our guide to coffee table sizes to decide for yourself.

Coffee Table Shape Guide

Oval? Rectangular? Kidney-shaped? There are as many coffee table shapes in the world as there are different types of coffee beans. Check our guide on choosing the best coffee table shape for your room

Coffee Table Styling Guide

Now that you’ve brought your coffee table home, how can you spice it up? From creative décor to positioning and placement, read all about how to decorate your coffee table with our coffee table styling guide!

Feel like you’re a coffee table expert now? (Of course you are.) Explore our collection of coffee tables and choose the perfect one for your home.

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