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The Wrightwood environmental commitment is unique to the industry because our whole way of doing business is unique to the industry. We ship furniture directly from the factory to the store. No warehouses. Minimal packaging. Quality recycled materials. We’re changing the way furniture is bought and sold, and the Earth is a better place for it.

What Is Eco Friendly Furniture?

There’s a reason eco friendly, recycled, and sustainable are trendy words in the business these days.

People care about the environment, and we care about those people. When you’re purchasing eco friendly furniture, these are the words you need to look for, so remember to keep an eye out.

Pieces crafted from sustainably-harvested woods are always a safe bet, along with eco friendly furniture made from reclaimed wood.

Next question: What is reclaimed wood? So glad you asked. Reclaimed wood is wood that was once used for a different purpose, meaning it it has a past life that has more to it than just living on a tree. Most reclaimed wood is taken from old furniture, old houses, factory scraps, or flawed wood—but that’s what makes the pieces one-of-a-kind.  

Recycled Materials

Eco Friendly furniture begins with materials and construction. All of our woods are either recycled or plantation-grown (as opposed to sourced from rainforests or old-growth forests). Our aluminum, too, is recycled.

We visited the Indian city of Moradabad, which specializes in metal work, to find the perfect factory. We found it. Rather than dabbling in many different metals, our factory exclusively works with recycled aluminum. You’ll find ottomans from Jaipur made with recycled cotton or recycled wool.

We even have pillows sewn from recycled saris. Those are the beautiful, bright Indian dresses you may have seen in your favorite Bollywood musical.

Resilient Furniture

We wouldn’t bother with repurposed materials if they were going to end up in a landfill anyway. Skilled artisans build our sustainable furniture to last. You won’t find cam locks or a box full of parts and a Swedish assembly guide. Almost everything is fully assembled and ready to use for years and years.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Think the big chains and retailers are efficient? They’re not. We do a lot more with a lot less. We ship directly from factory to store, eliminating the middlemen. We don’t have warehouses. Our packaging is minimal. It’s just the opposite for the big chains: more shipments, more middlemen, more warehouses, and more packaging. That’s not just environmentally irresponsible. It’s expensive. By using less, we do more for the environment and deliver even greater value to you.

Responsible, Local Service

We currently serve Chicagoland (Chicago+suburbs), because that keeps logistics simple. We can serve our customers best when they’re close to us. We ship all our furniture directly from the factories to our store. You can then either pick up your new sustainable furniture at our Lakeview  store or have it delivered.

So there you have it

For every business decision, we make the one that is most eco-friendly. That guiding principle always benefits our customers, too.

Stop in and see us sometime.

3036 N.Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL 60657 - [773] 687 9210

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