Why Eco Friendly Furniture is a Great Fit for Chicago Homes

Eco-Friendly Furniture Chicago

Living in Chicago means living in a very environmentally conscious area. We have hybrid busses, tons of recycling centers and many other green initiatives to help keep our city clean. So if you’re a resident in an eco friendly city, why not have eco friendly furniture in your home? And there’s not better eco friendly Chicago furniture store to shop for green furniture than at Wrightwood!

At Wrightwood, we believe materials matter. If you head to your local big box store, you’re going to find a lot of MDF and particleboard covered in laminate and chemicals. You’ll find the exact opposite at Wrightwood. All of the woods we use are either reclaimed, recycled or plantation-grown (as opposed to sourced from rainforests or old-growth forests).

What is reclaimed wood? It’s wood that had another life before it became your console table, buffet or side table besides just coming straight from a tree. Your new TV stand may have used to be a house or barn or that chest of drawers may have used to be a wagon, bench or other piece of woodwork. By using reclaimed wood we’re reducing the amount of trees that need to be cut down and preventing sending more waste to landfills. And the best part is that your new, sustainable furniture will have much more character than a big box store piece that was created in a factory.

Think the big Chicago furniture store chains are environmentally conscious? Unfortunately, they’re not. Usually they buy their furniture from a third party, or middleman, and then store it in a giant warehouse until they need it. The energy consumed by the warehouses and the trucks that are shipping the furniture is astronomical. They also use a lot a packaging since their furniture is going to be moved a lot. So what they say is eco friendly furniture, isn't so eco friendly or sustainable. 

Our way is the exact opposite. We buy our furniture directly from the artisans who create it. We don’t have warehouses either. And since our sustainable furniture comes straight from the factory to our store, we can significantly reduce the amount of packaging that we use — and also rely more heavily on reusable packaging such as cloth furniture pads. The big box way of doing things is not only bad for the environment, but also bad for your wallet. It’s expensive to ship things multiple times and keep up a warehouse. So since we don’t have those expenses, we’re able to pass those savings onto you.

When it comes to buying environmentally friendly furniture in Chicago, look no further than Wrightwood Furniture. With the help of our knowledgeable staff and wide variety of recycled furniture, you’re sure to find the perfect eco friendly furniture piece for your Chicago home.

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