How to Choose a Coffee Table Shape Guide

Coffee Table Shapes

A coffee table is the perfect addition to any room where family and friends come together for laughter, entertainment, and quality time. However, no matter how charming your sofas, personal touches, and overall décor of your den look on their own, the shape of a coffee table can hinder your efforts of planning the perfect room.

With the wrong coffee table shape, the structure of your living space isn’t living up to its fullest potential. Plus, depending on the amount of furniture in your room, the coffee table shape could be the literal hurdle in your way and impede foot traffic in the room.

Good news. Our coffee table shape guide will make sure you’re totally prepared to choose the best shape for your home.

When it comes to your living room—or if you’re extra fancy, a drawing room—sometimes a more formal look is desired. The normal go-to in planning a more elegant room are lighting, artwork, and décor.

But a coffee table is another way to achieve a stately room. With its curved edges, an oval coffee table is often the ideal addition to a more elegant room.

Rectangle Coffee Tables

If your seating area is smaller or more minimal, such as a two-seated sofa and a lounge chair at the end, a rectangular coffee table is likely your best bet.

This will ensure that your coffee table is within reach of seating whether you’re on the sofa or an accompanying lounge chair. without being in the way of the rest of the room.

Rectangle Coffee Table

Circular Coffee Tables

A circular coffee table is great at creating a more intimate feel within a room. Even better, these types of coffee tables tend to be kid-friendly (or klutz-friendly!) given their lack of sharp edges and their use for board games or group crafts.

Square Coffee Tables

If you have a large space and often find yourself with company over, a sectional sofa is the perfect way to make sure everyone has a cozy seat.

A sectional sofa and a square coffee table are a perfect match. This shape will ensure that it fits the framed area and that everyone finds themselves within reach of the table. This means no more leaning over friends to reach the nachos on movie nights. Everybody’s happy.

Oval Coffee Tables

Recently, with the surge in mid-century modern style, you’ll also find that the oval shape is used to complete a room done in this fashion. We bet Marie Antoinette loved oval coffee tables. She was classy, just like an oval coffee table would be in your home.

Coffee Tables for Small Spaces?

If your living room space is on the cozier side (or if it’s downright small), never fear. You can still have a coffee table!

Consider using a small end table in lieu of a larger surface. This will still help to complete the look of your space and give guests a place for drinks without closing off the room like a large coffee table may. Add in the clever placement of a mirror and you’re well on your way to the illusion of a much larger room. Small, low tables (and stools) are great ways to take furnish small living spaces. Try to keep your max height to 18 inches for low coffee tables. 

With these tips and tricks, you’re basically a coffee table master. But don’t stop with picking the perfect coffee table shape. Check out Wrightwood’s guide on how to style a coffee table and our guide on coffee table measurements and sizing.

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